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Business Activities
Our business activities are outlined as follows:
  1. ground investigation and evaluation (ground expertise)
  2. geotechnical consulting service, planning and design
  3. stability and serviceability analysis of
    1. excavations
    2. foundations (shallow foundation, deep foundation, piled raft foundation, underpinning)
    3. surface and basis sealing of waste disposals
    4. earth structures (cutting and dam)
    5. geosynthetic reinforced earth structures
    6. slopes
    7. retaining structures
  4. landfill
    1. ground investigation and site  evaluation
    2. stability analysis
    3. design and dimensioning of  mineral and geosynthetic sealing elements
  5. consulting service concerning environmental geotechnics
  6. geohydraulic analysis
    1. 2dimensional and 3dimensional  geohydraulic analysis
    2. steady state and transient  flow analysis
    3. prognosis of groundwater  retention
    4. design of water drainage  systems (water volume analysis)
    5. infiltration analysis
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