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Lecture "Geological and Systemic Risk"
Under the headline "Status and Development of Standartization in Geotechnics, DIN 1054, DIN 4020 and Eurocode 7" a event of the Ingenieurakademie Bayern took place in Munich on December 4th 2019.
At the event Dr. Wudtke held a lecture on "Geological and Systemic Risk".
The content of the lecture were outlined by the following emphases:
  1. Terms and classification
    1. Ground
    2. Risk
    3. Geological Risk
    4. Systemic Risk
  2. Evaluation of Geological Risk
    1. Process, extent and phases of ground investigation
    2. Preliminary investigation
    3. General investigation
    4. Control investigation
  3. Evaluation systemic risk
    1. Aspects
    2. Construction sequence
    3. Risks at construction cycles in underground engineering
  4. Example
  5. Conclusion
Lecture "Dams and Dykes"

Figure: homogeneous dam

On 17. September 2019 Dr. Wudtke held the lecture on "Dams and Dykes" at the Bauhaus-University Weimar as part of the continuing education course "Flood Management" (WW45).
The content of the lecture can be described by the following headings:
  1. Soil and rock
    1. Differenciation
    2. Soil structure
  2. Soil classification
    1. according to DIN 4022
    2. according to DIN 18196
    3. according to DIN EN ISO 14688-1
    4. according to DIN 18300
  3. Soil mechanical properties
  4. Stress
  5. Ground deformation
  6. Soil compaction
  7. Water in soil
  8. Principle of effective stresses
  9. Micro mechanisms
  10. Investigation
Lecture "Pollutants in subsoil"
Cover sheet event flyer   

Under the headline "Contaminated Sites and Pollutants in Subsoil - What Does Environmental Geotechnics Do?" The 5th Geotechnical Convention took place in Leipzig on March 28th and 29th, 2019.
At the event Dr. Wudtke held the opening lecture on "Pollutants in subsoil".
The content of the lecture were outlined by the following emphases:
  1. Terms and classification
  2. Pollutant characteristics
    1. Inorganic pollutants
    2. Organic pollutants
  3. pollutant dispersion
    1. transport mechanisms
    2. Retention mechanisms
    3. degradation of contaminants
  4. Soil as waste
    1. Legal basis
    2. Installation classes
    3. Recycling process
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