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01/20 | Public appointment Dr. Wudtke, expert for earthworks and foundation engineering
After going through the appointment process, Dr.-Ing. Robert-Balthasar Wudtke has been a publicly appointed and sworn expert in earthworks and foundation engineering. The appointment started since the beginning of 2020 and was realized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Erfurt (Germany).
The specialist field "earthworks and foundations engineering" contains the following topics:
  • ground investigation and assessment
  • soil dynamics, protection against vibration
  • soil-mechanical tests
  • landfill construction, dump engineering
  • slurry walls, sealing walls
  • earthworks in traffic route engineering
  • earthworks in hydraulic engineering, earth dams
  • seismic risk, earthquake hazards
  • underground pipelines, pipe driving, canalisation
  • geosynthetics
  • geotechnical measurements
  • foundations for high rise buildings
  • groundwater task, incl. dewatering, groundwater lowering as well as sealing and drainage at foundations
  • quay wall construction
  • combined pile and slab foundations
  • foundations engineering, soil grouting, injections
  • pit walls
  • stability of slopes
  • deep foundations, pile foundations, pile walls, ramming technique
  • excavations, underpinnings, anchorages
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